“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."

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Create beautiful everlasting memories on your wedding day with our team of professional musicians. We deliver a premium quality of live music with elegance and class. 

Due to our classical background, we embrace thematic weddings which provide opportunites to study new music and to represent worldly themes. Our packages are best suited for your wedding ceremony, cocktail and dinner.

Our team consists of only experienced and professional musicians. We are down-to-earth and very accommodating to your special needs.

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I know that planning your wedding can be a stressful experience. Let me help you alleviate some of the headache with a free consultation regarding my team of musicians and the different packages we can offer (as listed below). 

I can assist with the choice of songs and musician packages, especially for your ceremony and will happily manage the process beyond the consultation once decisions are finalised.



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This is most commonly booked solo for wedding cocktails, however I have experience in doing entire church ceremonies and recepetion dinners as well. 

Sometimes, specific feature solos are chosen for the ceremonies for example for the signing ceremony or the lighting of the candle. 'Spanish Romance' is a popular choice but I can prepare just about anything for you.

For cocktails and dinners, the repertoire consists of a wide selection of genres from flamenco and classical to bossa nova, latin, contemporary love songs and even soca. A client once requested 90s rock, which I was happy to arange instrumentally. 

It’s your day and I’m very happy and willing to fulfil your special requests. See Video.

Guitar and Vocals

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The beautiful Olivia Seheult has a soothing cello voice. Her gentle tone has the power to pacify a war.

We have been popularly chosen for cocktails and dinners. On some occasions, we have performed for the sticking of the cake and the first dance.

The repertoire consists of an extensive selection of genres, including romantic bossa nova classics, classic mainstream love songs, romantic Bachatas especially by Juan Luis Guerra, popular Latin hits such as 'Bailamos' and 'Vivir Mi Vida' and even Reggae hits such as ‘Is This Love’ by the late Bob Marley.

Romantic guitar solos are scattered amongst the beautiful vocal offerings providing a perfectly balanced repertoire.

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Olivia also takes pride in being as accommodating as possible to our clients’ special requests.

We have shared in the happiness of many newly-weds and are extremely proud of the brand and reputation we have built.

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Instrumental Duo

This is a perfect and simple combination for cocktails or dinners. 

Having two musicians vastly enhances the repertoire options as one guitar leads while the second instrument, whether percussion or guitar, provides the rhythm.

Compared to the solo option, the sound of this option has more body. We can easily blend into the background, providing sweet ambience or we can be at the forefront, providing exceptionally skilful and entertaining feature performances. 

Feature items, for example are popular to break up your speeches during the formal part of the reception.

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Full Band (Los Gitanos)

The full band can be booked for either fully instrumental performances or vocal/instrumental performances.

It is the complete package for both visual and aural appeal.

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Suitable for your dinner and cocktail.

It presents the same repertoire choices of the options listed above but with a more premium look and sound.

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Impress your guests and bask in the sound of beautiful popular music of the world on your special day.

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Vocalist Raquel Winchester

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Raquel is one of Trinidad and Tobago’s finest classical singers, a versatile Soprano! She is a regular performer for Heads of State and Embassies to Trinidad and Tobago. She has achieved excellence in both the academic and practical aspects of musical performance, locally and in the US. 

She has the voice of an angel!

I am very pleased to include Raquel on my team and it’s always a pleasure collaborating with her on your special requests for your ceremony, performing songs such as the ‘Ave Maria’, ‘O Perfect Love’, ‘The Wedding Song (There is Love)’ and many more.

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Violinist Abigail Cooper

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Abi is a wonderful violinist to work with. She delivers a beautiful tone and gracefully executes the most treacherous of phrases. She is presently a student at the National Academy of the Performing Arts (Trinidad and Tobago) and a member of the National Philharmonic Orchestra of Trinidad and Tobago.

We have worked on weddings as well as on concerts together, the most complicated being ‘Forza-Baroque’. Abi demonstrated her incredible competence at Forza, performing difficult Baroque pieces from Bach, Handel and Vivaldi.

At weddings, we have commonly collaborated on popular pieces such as Pachelbel’s Canon, Ode to Joy, Air on G-String and Ave Maria.

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