A Humble Thank You Bequia Music Festival 2018

Performing guitar, as you know is my passion, but can you imagine getting the opportunity to pursue my passion in paradise? That sums up my Bequia Music Festival 2018 experience.

I was greeted with such warmth at the new Argyle International Airport, St. Vincent. My driver, Quency Lewis of Foreign Tours Taxi Service treated me like a dignitary, a novel experience for me. It was clear that I was a special guest and this shone through every person who had to deal with me for my entire time.

A 1hr ferry took me to Bequia from St. Vincent, where a team headed by Sabrina Mitchell, Chairman of the Bequia Tourism Board greeted me with a welcome package, including little essentials for the festival, a meal schedule, offering a variety of restaurants, Mount Gay Rum (the sponsor), maps and souvenirs. My hotel room was ready - a comfortable room at the Frangipani, with a deck overlooking the gardens and a bit of ocean. It was peaceful and perfect.

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Bequia is what you imagine heaven to look like, an artist’s playground with picturesque tones of blues and greens for the ocean and mountains and every other colour for the homes, boats and people that compose the natural scenery. Many people from around the world regularly converge on the island and have made long term friends there. It’s not difficult to see why as you can pass by the same faces a few times in a day with the social hub of activity focused in the restaurants and bars lining the Belmont Walkway. The walkway is part of the experience of Bequia and ends at the beautiful and famous Princess Margaret Bay.

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The Music Fest sponsored by Mount Gay Rum opened with a pan night at the Frangipani, an ideal welcome to those from afar to the Caribbean at its best. Other Festival nights included a Jazzy, more big-band oriented night and party-type nights.

My performance was fitted into a more relaxed afternoon setting at the Bequia Plantation Hotel. The audience picnicked, lounged in beach chairs, lay on the grass, hugged the bars, and leaned on coconut trees. I was no longer intimidated at being a solo, instrumental act. All types of languages could be heard so I knew I had a worldly audience of attentive listeners. I delivered with class and weighted my set appropriately – as one audience member described, “As the sun hit the guitar, it heated up and eventually caught fire!”

IMG 8088

Being appreciated at that level by an international audience was tear jerking to say the least, especially after they screamed for an encore. I did an encore and left the stage euphoric to be greeted by eager audience members, some interested in purchasing my non-existent CD (it’s coming out in a couple months).

Bequia Music Festival 2018 was an iconic life experience for me, hopefully opening doors to more great opportunities to come. I continue to be grateful for the beautiful life music continues to carve for me.

Thank you to the organizers of Bequia Music Fest 2018 for your warm hospitality and for this overall amazing opportunity.



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